Sunday, July 8, 2012

Seattle bound!

First of all, I can't believe I missed writing the entire month of June! No, life didn't stop and I was bored and that's why I had nothing to write about, but it was actually the complete opposite. This is a summer of weddings as I like to call it - ours in May, one an hour away the first weekend of June, another one in DC a couple weeks ago, another one in Florida coming up in a week, and rounding off the summer in September yet another wedding. So, Sam and I traveled a couple weekends in June and then I started back to school for summer camp and once school started again, I lost all energy by the time evening came to write any blog entries.

But, here I am reporting from Seattle, WA! I'm out here for a week on business - a conference on teaching that myself and 3 other teachers are attending. I've never been to Seattle but from all the brochures I gathered at the airport, there seems to be an abundance of activities to choose from. Hopefully the conference will end early or attractions stay open late so that I can see everything. If all goes well, you'll be reading about Dale Chihuly's Garden and Glass exhibit, the Space Needle, and Pike's Place Market. Those are my 3 goal places to visit!

Anyways, today was a travel day and as you can see from my airplane tray, it was not easy getting me on the plane. I really don't like flying by myself and being away from Sam for a whole week is dreadful, so I wasn't looking forward to today at all. The plane to chicago was one of the little commuter jets - 2 seats on one side and 1 seat on the other. First it was a half hour late, so I waited in the airport pacing texting Sam back and forth as he gave me pep talks to get on the plane. Then right before we boarded, the airline attendant said the bathroom on the plane was broken and would be out of service. Now, I despise using airplane bathrooms because they are so tiny and usually smell yucky, but it's comforting to know there is a bathroom on the plane should it be required during the flight, so the fact that there wasn't going to be one, and the plane couldn't make a pit stop at McDonald's while flying, made my stomach hurt even worse with anxiety. When I actually did board the plane, I almost darted back up the ramp into the airport - it was so small and all the window shades closed to keep the sun from heating it up but it looked like I was walking into a coffin. I had to duck my head and turn sideways. Panic was setting, I take that back, panic had already set in. I kept telling myself it was only 45 minutes in the air and I would be okay....but then just when I calmed down, the pilot announced there were bad storms and we would reroute to fly over St. Louis and then to Chicago. Oh and we would be sitting inside the plane another 30 minutes to get more fuel for our trip. So, I set up my little tray table for the trip ~ bottle of water, cup of ginger ale with the can to refill my cup, saltine crackers, my rosary, and my iPod. Oh what a sight I was! Haha! I held my rosary in my hand the entire trip and said my prayers while listening on my iPod to the Hogar kids chanting in church. As peaceful as I could make it 30,000 feet in the air flying in a dark coffin! Now to look up rental cars for my trip back home in a week..... :)

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