Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pike Place Market

 Fish throwing place - I only saw one fish being tossed around and it was for show, but maybe the real fish tossing happens in the morning??

 Gorgeous bouquets of flowers were only $10!!
 Lots of fresh fruits and veggies
 Different peppers and garlic bulbs strung together and hung from ceilings
 The ORIGINAL Starbucks location and logo

 Delicious Russian bakery

 Street vendor, balloon animal man
 Disgusting gum wall - entire wall covered with chewed gum

I finally made it to Pike Place Market yesterday. I wasn't sure it was going to be possible because it closes at 6pm and the conference didn't end until 5pm every night, but yesterday, we finished a little early, so I hopped in a cab and headed for the water. The only way I can describe the market is a mix between Eastern Market in Washington DC and a Guatemalan marketplace. It was crazy!!!!! The street-level of the market is a farmer's market with lots of vendors selling fruits, vegetables, seafood, jams and jellies, and fresh-cut flowers ~ gorgeous flowers they were selling for just $10 a bunch! Had I gone to the market the first day I arrived in Seattle, I would have definitely bought a bouquet for the hotel room. I saw the iconic fish-throwing vendor, but it stunk so I didn't stick around long; the original Starbucks store, which was so crowded I barely snuck in the door for a picture; and the gum wall, which is just that - a wall in an alley-way that is covered in gum and even as I was standing there, people were sticking their fresh, chewed gum on it. 

I liked the market and was glad to see it, but I couldn't imagine going there everyday for groceries. I'd rather have convenient parking at Kroger and no one elbowing me to get the best apple. Another Seattle landmark I can check off my list! Homeward bound tomorrow!!!!!

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