Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dale Chihuly in Seattle!

 Gigantic glass sculpture of waves and sea creatures

 Glass objects laying on a glass ceiling to walk under

 Rowboat filled with glass balls
 Another rowboat filled with a variety of sculptures
 chandelier hanging from ceiling
 flower-like cups

 beautiful sculptured flowers hanging in an atrium
 The Space Needle is visible from the atrium!

 Crazy garden sculpture

Best part of Seattle by far!! Dale Chihuly is a fabulous glass-blower who makes these unbelievably colorful sculptures all by hand. I'm not much into art appreciation and going to art galleries to stare at pictures of paint splattered on canvases, but give me a Chihuly exhibit any day and I will spend hours wondering around. I thought the Franklin Park Conservatory had a great Chihuly exhibit, but the size and complexity of these structures were astonishing. So, if you ever find yourself in Seattle with only $19 to spend, forget the Space Needle and head straight to the gardens next door - both the same entry price but Chihuly is way better!

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