Thursday, February 2, 2012

DIY Colleen

My new favorite website is Pinterest and it has taken over our new house! Ha! If you've never been to Pinterest, you have to check it out. Basically it's a site for sharing pictures of anything and everything via "bulletin boards" created by users. You can create theme boards of anything - recipes, crafts, favorite quotes, fashion, wedding, etc. - and every picture you post is linked to the website where you found the idea. I'm on it mainly for the DIY crafts because I love creating in my new craft room, which you can see by my pictures! Since Valentine's day is approaching, I thought our house needed some sprucing up ~ fabric framed heart, felt heart tree branches, garland for the mantle, and a table runner for the island. I found each of these crafts online just doing a standard Google search of Valentine craft ideas, and then when I found something I liked, I "pinned" to my Pinterest bulletin board to save the idea. Before Pinterest, I would save websites to my favorites folder or save pictures to my desktop, but now it's so much easier to put in on Pinterest and all my crafting projects are in one location sorted however I want them. Love it!

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