Saturday, February 25, 2012


10 weeks until our wedding!!! Incredible how time flies. There is a website called "The Knot" that is THE central place to go as soon as you get engaged. It has everything imaginable needed to plan a wedding - dress trends, bridal party trends, favors, invitations, reception ideas, centerpieces, cakes, etc. You name it and it has it. Some of the things you can purchase and order directly from the site, other things are there for ideas and recommendations of venues and vendors in your area. It really is an amazing site. The thing most people go there for is to create your own webpage. The Knot has a tool to create your own wedding website with all kinds of details about you and your fiance and your wedding. Great resource for guests. Our website is Please visit!

Anyways, after realizing we are 10 weeks out until the big day, I logged into The Knot to browse the site and right there at the top of my page, next to our wedding countdown clock, is a button to click on and see what The Knot says is still left to do planning wise. So, according to the website general checklist, I have 93 items overdue and 189 yet to do before the big day. Talk about PANIC!! However, as I went through the checklist, I realized that we actually have most of the things covered already and the 189 things yet to do have some ridiculous suggestions. The funniest one I saw: assign a person to remind you to eat at your reception. Hmmm really??? I need someone to remind me to eat? That has never been a problem for me my entire life! Ha! What exactly would I be doing while all of our guests are seated eating dinner that I would "forget" to also sit down at our table and eat? Standing in the middle of the room daydreaming and oblivious to the delicious meal being served and the beautiful wedding cake beckoning to be eaten?? I think not! common sense tells me that when a plate of food is placed in front of me, I should pick up my fork and eat. Done. No need to assign someone to tell me to do that.

So, with 10 weeks to go, I ignored The Knot checklist and I think we are doing just fine being prepared :)

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