Monday, June 13, 2011

Poor bike :(

I think this may be the end for my loyal bike. It's been a great ride (no pun intended! Ha!) but the bike shop isn't looking too hopeful for it. Sam and I went exploring a new bike trail on Sunday when the weather was gorgeous. We rode 13 miles, beating our previous 11.9 record! My bike is a Taurus North Face and has been with me for probably 8 years or so, surviving many Ohio winters and DC potholes, but I think our last ride this weekend was the culmination of all it could take. My whole sprocket chain contraption is corroded and wiggling, my gears grind when I shift and don't lock into place, my chain is rusted, the pedal grips are both peeling, and some random wire thingy completely rusted off. *sigh* So, biking is now on a hiatus. Guess I better start paging through the Sunday bike ads!

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