Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kitty #2

No, you are not seeing double! My sister got another cat, which makes 2 new kittens in the family :) This is the brother to Pebbles. My mom went to the pet store where they got Pebbles from to buy more litterbox liners and she was back in the cat section when she heard a little kitten crying. The lady working there looked over at my mom and said, "Yea, this poor little guy has done nothing but cry the past few days. Some family adopted his sister and left him here." To which mom sheepishly replied, "That would be my family." Haha!! So, mom filled out another round of paperwork and lo and behold a couple days later my sister had not one but 2 new kittens to care for. I haven't mentioned this little guy's name yet because no one has officially decided. In the running so far are: Nacho, Paco, Bam Bam (since the sister is "Pebbles"), Rocky, Rascal, Dino, and Pedro. Any suggestions???

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