Wednesday, June 8, 2011

California Day 8, Sausalito and San Francisco

Charming beachside town of Sausalito
Statue in honor of their "sister city" in Chile
Family reunion in San Fran :)
Trolley time!!
The city cable car control center
Beautiful flowers on a house
Christopher Columbus statue on Telegraph Hill
The rules for visiting the windmill in Golden Gate Park! They mean business!
Dutch windmill
Between this sign and the "what to do in case of an earthquake" instructions everywhere, I was slightly concerned
The Pacific Ocean
Kite surfer
Very ugly bison in the Golden Gate Park...complete with birds sitting on their backs. Poor things!

Sitting in the airport waiting for the check-in line to go down, so a great opportunity to blog our last day in California. We rode bikes to Sausalito this morning and wondered around the quaint town for a little while. Beautiful blue skies for biking along the bay! Sausalito is suppose to look like the Almafi Coast in Italy, yet the "sister city" is in Chile....hmmmm....not quite sure about that...should I book a flight to Chile or Italy?!?! Not exactly in the same part of the world. Anyways, it was a cute town and after seeing it, we headed into San Francisco to finish out our tour of the city. Since it was such a nice day, we went back to Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39, where the street performers were out in full force! Everything from music to "silver-man" to a guy dressed like a skeleton!

We went back to Telegraph Hill in search of the wild parrots in San Fran. Our second attempt at seeing them. Supposedly, they fly in groups around the city but the best place to see them is from Telegraph Hill walking down Greenwich steps. Must to our dismay, it was a parrot-less day again. Do they really exist??? According to a picture we saw in the gift shop and a maintenance man, yes they do. Guess we'll have to return another time and try our luck at finding them. The good news from today was the trolleys were back in business!!! Wohoo!!! We finally got to ride them and it was fun.

We finished off this trip at the beach :) Beautiful day for kite surfing - not us, someone else, although I would like to try it sometime. Good bye California and see you another day!

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