Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

Tulip tree
Myrtle blooming
Cherry tree
White lilacs

It's the end of March and spring has come...or at least I hope all the beautiful trees and bushes and flowers in our yard means it has come and is here to stay! It's been so exciting thus far watching everything green-up in the yard and bloom. When we first looked at the house, it was already fall and most of the leaves were off the trees, so we didn't know exactly what the landscaping would look like come spring. We have already spent a lot of time weeding gardens and raking leaves left over from the fall, and after our wedding, we intend to expand some gardens and remove a couple ugly bushes in the back. I just love love love gardening! I'm very thankful to my mom for making me help her with our gardens while I was growing up, even when I complained and would rather have been doing something else on the early Saturday mornings. As I've gotten older, I started really looking forward to going to garden centers with mom and picking out our flowers each spring. We would come up with a color palette for the front yard and back yard, and then spend an entire weekend prepping the gardens, planting, and mulching. Some years we would be working in the scorching sun and others we would have sweatshirts on (good ol' Ohio weather!), but I really cherish the times I spent with mom in our gardens. Now with our own house, I feel prepared to tackle weeds, know how to prep the garden soil for maximum flower growth, how to choose hardy flowers that are not going to wilt and die by June, and how to tell just how much water everything needs. I love putting a cute pair of gardening gloves on and kneeling in the grass to get my gloves dirty in the garden :)

Stay tuned for more pictures as our yard shapes up this spring! I may even talk mom into splitting some gardening hours between our houses to swap tips :)

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