Monday, March 19, 2012

Dog friendship

They even shared the same stick!
So happy to have a friend :)

We took Leo to Sam's mom's house this weekend to meet her dog, Jax, and have a large place to run and explore. He is such a good dog that we let him off his leash soon after arriving and he didn't try to run off and we didn't have a problem getting him to come when called. That was a big relief because Laura has 20+ acres of land (I think it's something around there) so there was definitely ample land for him to run and not return. But, we didn't lose him and he LOVED Jax and the day was a success.

However, I must say dogs are weird creatures when it comes to socializing. I was a nervous wreck the entire day because Leo and Jax spent 85% of the time wrestling, 12% of the time running full speed through thorn bushes and briars in the woods, and 3% of the time laying on the carpet sleeping, only to recuperate and start wrestling all over again. They were biting each other's necks and ears and flipping each other upside was like WWF wrestling but REAL! Sam kept reassuring me they were playing because their tails were always wagging and there was nothing to worry about, but there were many times where I thought Leo was going to come home with one less ear. And his ears are his best feature! Sam said when dogs are fighting or being aggressive, their tails will drop low and they will bark or have a deep growl and it would be evident they did not like each other, but as long as their tails were still wagging high in the air, they were just having fun. Wish he had told me this before the wrestling started and I tried to leap in the middle of them! Ha!

But, it was a wonderful day for everyone and I am glad to know Leo has a friend :) Now if only we could get his car-sickness resolved before our next hour-long car trip!

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