Monday, January 2, 2012

Candlelight dinner

Christmas is my favorite time of year for many reasons, but one of the predominant reasons is because it's the one time of year where women can wear fancy party dresses and eat as much desserts as they want without the nagging little voice in their head saying, "drop the cookie and look at your fat thighs in the mirror." Desserts are a widely accepted and embraced part of Christmas and instead of looking at a creme brulee thinking, "wow, that's a whole bowl of fat and calories," I can look at it and think, "what a beautiful raspberry and mint leaf adorning the top."

Sam and I had a beautiful and delicious evening at the Franklin Park Conservatory, dining on fabulous dinner and dessert fares while surrounded by lush, tropical plants in the Palm House, romantically lit by candles on the tables and faint Chinese lanterns hung from the ceiling. I knew it was going to be spectacular when I first saw the dramatic tree branches and Christmas lights adorning the walkway to the Palm House. We ate dinner, listened to a live concert going on in the main lobby, and walked around admiring the numerous gingerbread creations on display. Fabulous evening with my fiance :)

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