Saturday, December 31, 2011

A girl, a sewing machine, and a dream

The curtain rod is bending in the middle making the curtains look uneven,
but really they are straight...I used a measuring tape :)
Santa brought me a new toy this year! My very first sewing machine to go in my craft room on my enormously-wonderful craft table :) While at first glance the machine looks complicated, it is actually so much easier to use than the old machines that you have to turn knobs ~ this one has a picture display of all 96 stitches, so all you do is punch in the number of the stitch you want to use and the machine automatically sets the tension, width, and length. I can always adjust them if I want, but for a beginner like me, it is so helpful not to have to worry about all that. I can simply step on the presser foot and away I go creating masterpieces! My first endeavor was a simple curtain for my craft room. It took me about 2-3 hours but there are a lot of things I learned I could simplify for next time I make curtains, but I think they turned out great and I even lined them so it would look nice from the street view. Mom will be so proud!
Next up on my list of projects....quilting!

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  1. Sweetheart, I well remember the 3-piece suit your mom made for your dad before they were married. You have sewing talent in your blood, so don't be afraid to tackle sewing anything. Your craft room curtain was a great start, you can do it! mammaw