Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hot adventures

Our "stay cool" hats :)
It was another sizzling 100 degree day in DC! After being miserably hot and sweaty at Eastern Market yesterday, we decided to try some indoor activities today. However, a must in DC is eating crepes at Eastern Market, so after church, we made a quick stop just to pick up a crepe and then headed back to Mary's apartment to eat them in the air conditioning. Lo and behold, the Cooking Channel was set up right across from the crepe stand and they were giving away free brownies, ice cream, and donuts from their truck!! Bingo! Crepes and ice cream :)

We then went to the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA, which is not actually a factory but rather a 3-story art gallery. There was a torpedo on display when you walked in, but otherwise, it was all galleries where you could purchase original artwork and in most shops, watch the artist at work. Very cool!

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