Monday, May 9, 2011


One of the tees...tricky course!
The "hole" consists of a basket with metal chains, so the object is to throw the frisbee into the basket and the chains will catch it.
Finally the weather has turned nice (hopefully I didn't just jinx that!!) so we are able to be outside doing everything that we loved doing in DC, one of which is frisbee golf. Although, I use the term "golf" very lightly because the game really doesn't remind me of golf at all. 1) No clubs, 2) no carts, 3) no special shoes required, 4) no flags...and for that matter, no holes, and 5) no clubhouse. Might as well be called frisbee football since after all, you throw the frisbee like you throw a football. Definitely no throwing a ball in golf! Nevertheless, it's a fun game and something fun to do outside. We found a scenic course to explore this past weekend, so I enjoyed taking pictures while attempting to throw the frisbee and not hit any other players or land it in the Scioto River :)

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