Saturday, April 30, 2011


"Pearl" egg dye kit
Waiting on Easter brunch
My brother the chef :)
What a difference a year makes! Last year I was cooking my own Easter dinner and eating it outside on a folding lawn chair in the middle of the hood in DC, and this year I'm surrounded by my family and eating a delicious meal prepared by mom.'s good to be home! My sister dyed eggs with Sam and me using a new kit we saw in the store. The eggs were suppose to be "pearlescent" but they never really turned out quite like the box picture. I guess some things are just better the old fashioned way ~ vinegar, water, and colored Paaz tablets :)

Walking into Easter morning mass this year was the only thing that made me miss DC. My parent's parish is building a new church so mass has been held in a gymnasium for the past few years, including Easter mass this year. In DC, I was fortunate to attend Easter mass at the National Basilica with a large group of nuns that had front row seats. Nothing really compares to being in the Basilica for mass! Beautiful!

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