Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wild Wild West

Loading the bullets
Ready, aim, fire!
I did something this weekend that I've never done before and never thought I would ever do....I shot a gun! It was a 22 semiautomatic rifle; heavy, solid frame but no kick-back. Sam and I went to his mom's house in Amanda where there is a plenty of rolling farmland to have a little fun with a gun. I think Sam was just as surprised as I was that I'm actually not a bad shot! Ha! He hung a couple pop cans on tree branches about 100 feet away and I hit the can multiple times, even knocking it off. You can see some of the bullet holes in the last picture where I'm holding the can I shot. As someone who firmly believes the world would be better off without guns, I have to admit, I enjoyed a little target practice :)

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