Monday, February 21, 2011

The adventures have begun!

Ohio adventure #1 actually took place in Indiana this weekend :) It was Sam's brother's birthday and he wanted to go to Hollywood Casino for a little gambling and a great steakhouse dinner. I've never been to Las Vegas, so this was my intro to gambling....and as you can see from the above picture, I spent big to win big! Ha! I took $40 with me (actually $35 because mom gave me $5 to play roulette for her) and decided that was all I was willing to risk. I'm happy to say I ended the evening having only lost $5, and since I had 2 free pops while gambling, it was really like I paid $2.50 per drink and had a great evening.

Anyways, so this Hollywood Casino was a beautiful place with a grand marble entryway, a gorgeous stained glass domed ceiling of the world, and a moving sidewalk from the parking garage into the casino. Funny side story ~ Sam, his mom, and I were leisurely standing and riding the moving sidewalk when we looked over to our right, and there on the normal floor was a lady in a wheelchair passing about feeling lazy! Ha! We stepped it up and started walking on the sidewalk instead of just riding :) Okay, back to the casino. Knowing I only had $40 to gamble with all night, I thought the slot machines would be my best bet since all the main tables were $15 or $25 minimum bets. The first group of slot machines we came to were $1 bets and in less than a minute, I lost $5. Well, that was just not going to do! So we kept walking and finally came across the penny slots!!!! Jackpot!! I could play 100 bets for $1! And even better, I found an "I Love Lucy" machine! Wohoo!! That was possibly the highlight of my night :) I didn't win anything significant on the slots, so I decided to play roulette for mom. It was a $15 minimum, so I put in $10 with her $5 and on my very first time ever playing roulette, on the very first spin, I won $30! What I didn't know, was that I also got back my original $15, so needless to say, I was ecstatic! Think I'm ready for Vegas now :)

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