Monday, January 31, 2011

No more worry

Rejoice! I say REJOICE all you Central Ohioans! An IHOP in Lancaster has been located and tried out tonight. Sam is officially in Ohio now and continuing with our IHOP tradition in DC, he located one in Lancaster. We ate there tonight and it was delightful. The restaurant is clean, doesn't smell like grease, wait staff is nice, portions large (except for the mini pancakes and those are in fact miniature), and as an added bonus, they offer warm maple syrup in addition to the 4 kinds on the table. I was a very satisfied customer tonight and will be making the 55 minute drive when the need for pancakes strikes me. I suggest you do the same. IHOP remains my favorite restaurant!

*Side note - Welcome to Ohio, Sam!! Glad to have you in this fine cardinal state. Our exploration adventures will now soon as the current ice storm advisory is finished :)

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