Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New chapter has begun :)

August 15, 2011 is when I officially said "yes" to marrying my best friend and love. Sam proposed last night with a scheme that far outdid anything I could ever imagined. Here's our story: Sam texted me during the day at work to say he found a website for Geocaching in Columbus - a GPS based scavenger hunt. He said there are a couple parks in the area that have a set hunt and at the end you write your name in the log book and go online with the final code to log your progress. In the back of my mind, I'm thinking hmmm.....a scavenger hunt. I wish there would be a ring at the end. Well, I get to his apartment after work so we can go and he has a Geocache website pulled up for Highbanks Park near us with maps and the clues, etc. All hopes of a ring are now dashed because I'm looking at the website with really tough clues and I'm clicking on buttons and browsing the site...thinking clearly he didn't make this up and we really are about to go hiking through the woods to find a log book. Sam wrote down all the clues on a piece of paper and away we went to Highbanks. We get to the park and I realize I left the paper of clues at his place. I tell Sam just to look up the website again but he said no, he thinks he remembered everything and we should just start walking. So, we proceed to hike a ways and figure out the clues and we finally get to the last GPS coordinate where the clue says we have to go off the path. Sam goes on ahead and I lag behind telling him to just let me know if he finds anything, but he motions me to follow along, so I reluctantly trudge through the trees, vines, poison ivy, etc. We go down a little hill and I see a camouflaged bag by the trees. I'm excited and Sam takes it and starts to open it revealing a picnic blanket and empty vase. I still didn't have a clue and I'm wondering how we are going to record our names and I'm looking at the vase to see if there is a code on it to write down. Then, Sam spreads out the blanket, pours water from my water bottle in the vase, pulls out a bouquet of flowers from his camera bag, and gets down on one knee with a beautiful ring. It dawned on me then what was happening :) He packed a picnic dinner in his camera bag also! It was romantic and beautiful and more than I could ever have dreamed.

And that is my exciting blog entry from August 15th :)

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